In the universe there are billions of galaxies, in our galaxy there are billions of planets. But there is Only one Earth. Yes, this is the theme of World Environment Day, 5th June, 2022.
We all are aware of the fact that Earth is the only planet where life exists. So it is highly important to save our mother earth from planet harming activities. Keeping this motive in mind, UNEP-United Nations Environment Program organizes World Environment Day on 5th June every year since 1974. Every year it is hosted by a particular country under a particular theme. This year it is hosted by Sweden under the theme – Only One Earth – with the focus on ‘Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”. This theme promotes for transformative environmental change on a global scale.

All the basic needs of human beings are fulfilled by nature such as food, water, clothing, shelter, sunshine, air, vegetation, medicines, natural cycles and nutrients etc. The list is endless. We cannot imagine our lives without these resources. But this is soon going to be the reality if we won’t take the positive steps NOW to protect our mother planet. Remember, if the nature has the ability to nurture us, protect us then it is also powerful to destroy the entire mankind.
Man is the most intelligent animal on this planet. But he is becoming the root cause of the degradation of the earth. He is contributing more and more in planet-harming activities nowadays. Many harmful human activities are becoming threat to our planet. The first one is Deforestation. To cut down trees and make a way for industrialization and urbanization is increasing day by day. Forests purify the air, filter the water, prevent soil erosion, provide natural habitat for varieties of plants and animals. So deforestation affects wildlife, ecosystem, weather patterns even the climate. Protecting forest is our mutual responsibility to stabilize climate and save wildlife species. To follow regulations and laws regarding ban on cutting trees, reforestation, reduce consumption of papers, creating awareness among people these are some of the measures to save forest from being cut on a large scale.
Secondly, we are also rapidly changing the environment by adding too much waste i.e we are polluting the atmosphere. Urbanization, industrialization, mining activities, use of plastic, mismanagement of waste these are some of the causes of different types of pollution. Very few places on the earth are untouched by pollution. Pollution disturbs the eco system and environment balance. With modernization and development in our lives, pollution has reached its peak, giving rise to different environmental issues and human illness. So it is essential to understand the causes and effects of different types of pollution and we should try to find out measures such as tree plantation, use of eco-friendly resources, use of renewable sources, minimum use of private transportation etc.

Burning fossil fuels is the next in the list. When fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas is burnt, they release large amount of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, Methane etc. greenhouse gases into the air causing global warming and increase in temperature. If this continues to occur, it will lead to unpleasant scenarios – temperature will rise hot enough for oceans to evaporate.  To protect the earth from this situation, we need to implement ways such as waste management, water management, reforestation, recycle more, less use of heat and air conditioning, etc.
But what is our role in this campaign?
We should remember that taking photographs of the wildlife and posting and liking such issues on social media is not the actual conservation. We, as an individual, should contribute in this global campaign on our level personally. We must try to reduce, recycle and reuse. We can take simple steps like avoiding plastic plates and glasses, refusing plastic bags, using cloth or jute bags for shopping. Turning off lights and other electrical gadgets when not in use, installing solar gadgets these are the simple steps to save energy. As responsible tourists we should consume local resources like food and water with care. We should avoid littering and polluting the atmosphere. We should follow local rules and regulations responsibly. Taking public transport instead of private one, will be always more economical and environment friendly. Use of water should be done wisely. We can make small step to save water a daily habit. Rainwater harvesting should be encouraged. We can reduce the use of paper and can depend more on electronic communications and files.

Millions of plants and animal species are on the verge of extinction. The World Environment Day Campaign calls young people to come forward and take efforts to prevent loss of biodiversity and preserving nature for the future generations. This day reconnects us to nature. It raises the awareness to educate our friends and family regarding environmental issues and remedies to solve them. We should come out from our comfort zone and volunteer willingly in social awareness programs. This is the time to do something for our mother earth. So join hand together and lets take the oath to make ample of efforts to create cleaner and greener planet. Because it is truly said that –
For change to happen in any community, the initiative must come from the individual.

Mrs. Hina A. Chavan

Teacher IES CPV English Secondary School, Dombivali


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