Resort not allowed around Tadoba The committee reject to proposals


The Eco sensitive zone Control Committee set up the protect the environment near Tadoba National Park, has refused to  approve the two Resort under construction and proposed on the premises of Tadoba panic among the Resort operators.

A sensitive zone Monitoring committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of the District Magistrate to protect the environment around the Tadoba Sanctuary near the Core zone.
Proposal was given to approve three new Resort around Tadoba area before this committee,out of which two proposal has been rejected by the committee
Both Resorts where to be set up in kolara adjoining the Taluka area. Both resorts were to be built on  2  entrepreneurs of Chandrapur. This resort was being prepared to be built on 5.8 and 4 hectare of land respectively. The core of both proposed Resort Tadoba.
The committee was rejected both the proposal as it comes within a radius of only 350 metres from the boundary of zone.

Both the proposals were placed before the committee of on behalf of the city composition department, in which it was decided to reject the proposal discussed in the committee meeting on Thursday.The master plan was taken to prepare the zonal master plan On being made mandatory for everyone the Union Minister for Forest and Environment Government of India, on September 2019, together with the core and buffer area of Tadoba,a total area of 1346.61 km was declared as Eco sensitive zone.
In the Intex a notification was issued according to the notification  a ban has been imposed on the construction of any kinds of Resort within 1 kilometre of the boundary line of Tadoba Park.

Commity under the chairmanship collector

This is the first time since the monitoring committee has been set up a monitoring committee a monitor and control the Eco sensitive zone announced by the central government after the notification was set up at the local level under the chairmanship of the District Magistrate before the. monitoring committee as refuse permission to any Resort .


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