M.R. Transport (Roadlines) caught carrying 3200 kg of plastic illegally


Municipal authorities are taking action to investigate the disturbance cause

Chandrapur  (Mohammad Suleman Baig) :

Based on the confidential information obtained by the Chandrapur Municipal Corporation’s investigation team, a raid was conducted on the warehouse of M.R. Transport located in Rahmat Nagar. During the raid, it was found that 3200 kg of plastic waste and contaminated water were illegally dumped on the premises. As a result, a penalty of Rs. 5000 has been imposed on the owner of the warehouse who is responsible for the disposal of the plastic waste.

It has been reported that plastic waste registered under the name of Shri Om Plastics has been brought from Halol city in Gujarat and discarded in Chandrapur city, along with hazardous waste registered under the name of Lakshmi from Raipur city. The concerned authorities have been alerted to take strict action against the business and if the offense is repeated, the administration will take serious action.

It has been clearly stated by the municipal administration that if the current offender repeats the offense, strict action will be taken against them on a larger scale.
Production, import, storage, transportation, distribution, sale, and use of plastic products have been completely banned in the state of Maharashtra from July 1, 2022. As per the Maharashtra Plastic and Thermocol Notification 2018, fines of up to Rs. 500 on individuals and up to Rs. 5,000 on institutions will be imposed for the first offence, Rs. 10,000 for the second offence, and Rs. 25,000 and three months imprisonment for the third offence.

As part of the plastic ban, the municipal corporation has set up a “Nuisance Detection Squad” (NDS) to identify and take strict action against all shopkeepers, hawkers, street vendors, distributors, and plastic bag sellers in the municipal area. The squad will be checking for banned plastic packaging and carry bags at various sales outlets, and hefty fines ranging from 500 to 10,000 rupees will be imposed for violations, while repeat offenders may face a penalty of up to 25,000 rupees, and three months of imprisonment. The squad will also gather information on plastic waste and its disposal, with the information provided being kept confidential, and those who provide accurate information may receive a reward of up to 5,000 rupees.

Under the guidance of Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Vipin Paliwal, measures have been taken under the direct supervision of Deputy Commissioner Ashok Garate. Dr. Amol Shelke, Bhupesh Gothe, Manish Shukla, Raj Hazare, Encroachment Squad, and Sanitation Department have been involved in the implementation.


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