Bubesh Guptha, A Committed Personality of Wildlife


 Bubesh Guptha

Managing director of Universal Eco Consultant

He’s a great Wildlife field experienced person of  2006 to 2021…… yeah, it’s 15 years completed ….
He contributed and published more than 75 research articles and five books in national and international includes two new records, two new locality records, four redicovery, one first record in India. Also he gave around 300 talks on Biodiversity in national and international seminar, conference, symposium etc. He received Biodiversity award, young scientist award, outstanding scientific award, best presentation award etc….Project Assistant (SACON), Junior Research Fellow ( CSWCRTI & RC) , Wildlife Biologist, Naturalist, Research Personnel ( Wildlife Institute of India), Senior Wildlife Biologist, Senior Research Fellow currently running organization is called Universal Eco Foundation as a Founder and Director…….


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