Mysterious Disappearance of Tadoba Queen Maya (T-12) Sparks Concerns and Intensive Search Efforts


Mohammad Suleman Baig :  Maya (T-12), born in December 2010 and now approximately 13 years old, is widely recognized as the queen of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. She is the offspring of Hilltop male and Leela Tigress, with Leela giving birth to three female and one male cub simultaneously in Tadoba’s Pandharpaoni neighborhood.

Maya lost her mother Leela in 2012. Acknowledged as the Tadoba Queen for her exceptional hunting skills and fierce nature, Maya has not been sighted by tourists since the October opening season, raising concerns about her current status.

Speculation surrounds her possible maternity, but her whereabouts remain a mystery. It seems unlikely for a dominant tigress like Maya to abandon her territory, and there are no signs of her in any other part of the forest, adding to the mystery.

Maya faced numerous challenges while raising her three cubs, with male tigers posing a threat, leading her to hide them in various places. Eventually, she organized a meeting with male tigers Bajrang, Yuvraj, Balram, and Rudra who roamed in her territory.

A wildlife enthusiast highlighted the conflicts that arise when another tiger enters a territory, sometimes resulting in the death of one tiger. The rainy season adds complexity, washing away territorial markings and increasing the likelihood of intruders. If a tiger loses its life during this time, decomposition is rapid, making it challenging to locate the body.

To find Maya, the forest department has installed 125 cameras in the jungle, and day and night patrolling will be initiated in the coming days.


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