Joyful Tiger Encounters: Mumbai Tourist Sweta Surve, Delighted by Rare Tigress Sightings in TATR


Chandrapur (Mohammad Suleman Baig) :

In the globally renowned Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, tourists are experiencing an atmosphere of joy as continuous sightings of tigers delight them. Speaking at Moharli Gate in the core region on December 13, 2023, Mumbai Tourist Sweta Surve, a representative of the Van Samachar said, “Observing the tigress T-30 named Sonam with her three cubs and the tigress Roma with her two cubs up close brought immense joy. When they first arrived in early October 2023, tiger sightings were rare, with only one dry spell in Moharli. Therefore, a decision was made to revisit Tadoba, and today, witnessing two tigresses with their cubs brought great joy as if they should keep watching.

The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is famous for tiger sightings, and there is no doubt about it. Additionally, while touring in the Tadoba buffer zone, I observed that the forest department has introduced Electric Gypsy for safari, ensuring minimal noise pollution for wildlife and providing a unique pleasure in experiencing tiger sightings. It seems like a distinct pleasure to explore the jungle with such battery-operated jeeps, ensuring minimal noise pollution for wildlife and adding a different kind of joy to witnessing tiger sightings throughout the entire forest”.


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