Woman killed in tiger attack in Hirapur: Congress leader Mahendra Brahmanwade demands immediate action or else warns of agitation


Mohammad Suleman Baig : A tragic incident occurred in Hiraapur, Gadchiroli district, where a 55-year-old woman named Indirabai Khedekar lost her life to a tiger attack while returning home from farming. Such incidents are not rare in the area, causing frustration among locals towards the administration. Leaders, including Mahendra Brahmanawade, President of Gadchiroli District Congress, and Dr.Namdev Kirsan, Secretary of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee, expressed concern. They, along with local officials, visited the grieving family to offer condolences.

The Congress party has urged authorities to take immediate action against tiger attacks. Failing which, they have threatened to organize a protest in front of the Guardian Minister and Forest Minister’s homes in the coming days.


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