Tiger Tragedy Sparks Outcry: Railway Incident Claims Tiger’s Life in Chandrapur, Wildlife Enthusiasts Demand Action


Mohammad Suleman Baig : In Kitaali Menhda of Chandrapur district, a tiger faced a tragic end due to a railway incident, causing distress among wildlife enthusiasts in Nagbhid taluka. On December 1, 2023, the South East Central Railway has scheduled an inspection tour of the Gondia-Chanda Fort railway route. To assess the preparations, senior officials from the Nagpur Division of Central Railway were conducting an inspection on November 27, 2023. During the night, a special inspection train from Gondia to Chanda Fort disturbed a tiger, leading to its unfortunate demise between Nagbhid and Talodhi on the railway route. The forest department has been informed about the incident, and further action is being taken at the site. Since the entire route passes through the jungle, the information has been communicated to the forest department to maintain caution, although the visuals indicate that adequate precautions might not have been taken.

Similar incidents have occurred on this route before, raising concerns among wildlife enthusiasts. However, the railway department denies any encroachment on their tracks. The current incident has stirred agitation among wildlife lovers.


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