What mean a society & what mean a social work, why to do?, the number of answers to such confusions & after visiting WORLD GREAT SOCIAL WORKER BABA AMTE’S SOCIAL SERVICE PROJECTS @Anandwan, Hemalkasa & Somnath you will get that.
3nights & 4days in such a purely inspirational environment will really transform your life & the way you look towards your life.
Let’s experience & explore these projects & understand what the vision of a common man can.
“Anandwan” is that divine & pure place of INDIA & WORLD where society boycotted people, in actual “leprosy patients” & uncountable number of many other people got a place to live their life very positively behind all hurdles in life & contribute to society established by “Padma Vibhushan & PadmaShree Mr BABA AMTE[Shri Murlidhar Devidas Amte]” . It is nearly 800Acre spreaded smart village.
Basically, it was started to provide medical services to leprosy patients in society, then after, the welfare works added on for all kinds of handicapped people with residential schools, skill development education facility named “Sandhiniketan”, cooperation in their entrepreneurship etc then Mr Baba Amte added agricultural development there for the purpose of self reliancement of anandwan project. It is wonderful land with planned gardens & agriland. Anandwan is first project by Shri Baba Amte fully supported by his wife Sadhana Amte, this journey of social work now continues to third generation of their family. Tourists especially from all parts of Maharashtra visit Anandwan project.
It was the Baba Amte’s wish that tribals of Bhamragad area, Gadchiroli district “MADIA” known to that local community, said that most backword community among other tribal communities here to come in the mainstream of development. He arrange a family trip to Hemalkasa, younger son Dr Prakash is an inspired doctor from his own father, after his medical education he choose to work for tribals development in this area, the highly challenging location “Hemalkasa” 190 kms from Chandrapur located in intense deep forest location of Gadchiroli district. There Dr Prakash & Dr Mandakini before 47 years started initially free medical services & then developed a residential school for tribe children for totally free..
Another attraction is that, they setup an animal’s Ark known as “Amte’s animals Ark” to save & conserve wildlife in this forest area & aware tribals not to kill them for hunger or blind ritual purpose.
It’s incredible project with naturally binded hills, rivers & dense forestry in the surrounding & whole region.
On Hemalkasa route we visit to below Hemalkasa tourists places of attractions in category of tribal culture, wildlife, geographical uniqueness – Lokbiradari Social service project, Bhamragad triveni sangam, Lokbiradari project@Nagepalli,
Glory of Alapalli museum, Mirkal Lake,
tribal art village, tribal museum@Alapalli many other.
Baba Amte established their third project “Somnath” with the help of leprosy patients to make them self standed. Somnath project dedicated fully for agriculture & rural development, many experiments tried & successfully implemented here for agriculture were really miraculous. Can anyone imagine that they develop 27 waterbodies with social contribution where natural shifting of water inbetween all of  them for 1200 acre agriland anywhere anytime in whole area without use of electricity. Lot of society boycotted people settled their life here. You can explore fully natural cost effective best irrigation system & agriculture model with high productivity of crops.
From last three years we are visiting tourists with our expert tour guiding experience in providing Anandwan Hemalkasa Tadoba tour packages as a responsible Anandwan Hemalkasa tour provider. This tour definitely change the approach towards life to think differently – look positively.

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