A woman was attacked by a tiger in Vagholi, while a leopard attacked livestock in Meha Bujruk


Chandrapur (Mohammad Suleman Baig): On Wednesday, April 26th, 2023, at approximately 5:00 pm, an incident of a sudden attack by a wild animal occurred while a group of workers were working in a field in the village of Vagholi Buti in the Savli taluka. The victim of the incident was a 70-year-old woman named Mamta Harishchandra Bodhlakar, who was working in the field at the time.

According to the available information, the animal suddenly attacked her, dragging her and causing fatal injuries that resulted in her death. The incident has caused immense grief and anger in the local community.
There are increasing reports of attacks by tigers/leopards in the taluka. In another incident, a leopard entered a village and attacked livestock, causing panic among the residents. The incident occurred in the early morning hours in the village of Kavdu Nikure, where Mehra Bujruk lives.
Due to the increasing incidents of wild animal attacks, fear is spreading among the villagers, and they are demanding that the forest department take action to control the situation by better managing the wildlife in the area.


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