Darwin of 21st Century


The Ant Man, The New Darwin of 21st Century who was commendable writer,influential biologists is no more with us now. M.r. E.O. Wilson was born on June 10,1929 at Birmingham of Alabama from USA. He pursued his qualification from University of Alabama here he had completed The degree in Bachelor of Science and Master of Science later on attained P.H.D. from Harvard University.

M.r. Wilson was the men of specialization and died by leaving a series of award before us . The series of awards are Newcomb Cleveland Prize at 1967, Leidy Award 1979, Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement 1984, Pulitzer Prize 1991, International Prize for biology 1993, Carl Sagan award for public understanding of Science 1994 and many more.

M.r. Wilson was known as THE FATHER OF SOCIOBIOLOGY due to his thesis which describes the process of writing Beast and Man .The series of his epic collection explains animal behavior, clarity, scholarship and encyclopedic scope which is mentioned in Jonathan Haidt’s book THE RIGHTEOUS MIND. The epic collection of books which gathered public attention includes ON HUMAN NATURE, THE ANTS, CONSILIENCE.

M.r. Wilson has been honoured with ADDISION EMERGY VERRIL MEDAL IN 2007 at Fireside chat, MEMBER OF AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE 1959,MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE 1969, ACADEMY OF ACHIEVEMENT GOLDEN PLATE AWARD 1988 and the series continued till commemoration in the species EPITHET OF MINIOPTERUS WILSON 2020. M.r. Wilson was officially retired from Harvard University and died at the age of 92 near the place called Burlington on December 26, 2021 where he was living with his wife.

Shweta Rai,  Chandrapur


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