Two smugglers arrested for selling 15 years old tiger skin


The Ujjain Police have disclosed the case after arresting two smugglers with tiger skins. Both the accused were arrested on Thursday night and one of the accused is still being reported as absconding.

According to the police, the value of the tiger skin seized from the accused is Rs 2 crore in the international market and the smugglers were in the mood to sell it for Rs 25 lakh.
Tiger skin is about 15 years old

While disclosing the case on Friday, the police said that the tiger skin recovered from the accused is about 15 years old. There is not even a bullet mark on the tiger’s skin, which it is expected that the tiger may have been hunted with a noose and then its skin would have been removed. Disclosing the case,

CSP Pallavi Shukla said that the tribals usually hunt tigers with a noose and this is exactly how the tiger is preyed upon. There is no bullet mark on the tiger’s body but there are five to six marks in the head and stomach on his head. The smugglers brought the tiger skin from Sarangpur and were looking to sell it for 25 lakh rupees. But before the smugglers could sell the skin, the police caught them.

Police have also been told by the forest department experts that the tiger skin is about 15 years old and at the time the tiger was hunted, its length must have been more than 6 feet. In 15 years, the skin has dried up and currently its length is 5 feet 9 inches. In chemical investigation, it has also been confirmed that the skin that has been recovered is from the tiger itself.


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