Digital Journalists from Vidarbha on Agricultural Study Tour


Chandrapur (Mohammad Suleman Baig):

December 29, 2023: Initiated by the assistance of senior officers from the Forest Department, 40 digital journalists from Vidarbha are commencing a journey from Nagpur to Jalgaon for an agricultural research expedition today. Journalists from Nagpur, Wardha, Buldhana, Chandrapur, and Gadchiroli districts of Vidarbha are participating in this expedition.

During this expedition, journalists will visit the Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. in Jalgaon and the Jain Hills Agriculture Research Center. Various research projects focusing on agricultural advancements are underway at this center. Future projects will encompass modern farming techniques, soilless medium farming, hydroponics, aeroponics farming, tissue culture technology, the world’s first-class biotech lab, and other initiatives. The organization of this expedition is aimed at gaining insights into these projects.

Participating journalists include Pratik Sabale, Dileep Ghormare, Anup Pathane, Vilas Gondale, Ashish Dhapurkar, Sachin Dhanakute, Sanjay Dhongade, Ganesh Shende, Rajendra Navsaktakar, Sheikh Dildar Sheikh Sikandar, Prashant Krishnaji Chandankhede, Sachin Pandurang Meshram, Ananta Sitaram Govardhan, Mohammad Suleman Baig, Kishor Karanjekar, Gopal Kadukar, Prafull Urkude, Anand Ambekar, Devnath Gandate, Rajendra Uttlawar, Sunny Bhongale, Suresh Dange, Shekhar Gajbhiye, Natthayu Ramelwar, Kavishwar Khadse, Sandeep Gaurkhede, Anilsing Chavan, Anup Bhople, and Rupesh Wanave, along with Raju Dongre and Dinesh Layacha.

Through this expedition, journalists will gain information on cutting-edge technology and research in the agricultural sector. Utilizing this information, they can contribute to the success of farmers in agricultural businesses.


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